Storytelling for Schools, Libraries,
Summer Camps, etc.

From Russian fairytales and Native American legends to Irish myths, Oregon tall tales and lively participation stories, Will weaves a wide variety of oral traditions into engaging and educational assembly performances, workshops and residencies.

“A world class storyteller and master of audience inclusion.”  Joe Lapidus    Principal Chinook Elem. Vancouver, WA

“Will can captivate, surprise, intrigue and touch all ages.”   Christene Caton  former Education Director, Young Audiences of Oregon

World Voices, World Wisdom: A Weaving of Myths, Fairytales, Tall Tales and Participation Stories from Many Cultures and Traditions

Coyote Makes this World:  Native American Myths and Legends

Celtic Cauldron: A Mix of Irish, Scottish and Welsh Myths and Legends

The Adventures of Medio Pollito (Half Chicken) and Other Unlikely Heroes  (Bi-lingual English/Spanish stories)

Living Streams: Stories for Healthy Watersheds.  Myths, fables, tall tales and participation stories that teach students about water, wetlands, fish, recycling, composting and sustainability

Note: Whenever possible, I prefer to offer two back-to-back assemblies at schools: one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5 (Or K-3; 4-6 at K-6 schools).

Family Arts Night/Literacy Nights

One World, Many Stories: A celebration of our cultural diversity and our common humanity through a variety of world myths, fables, tall tales and participation stories for all ages

Workshops And Residencies

Pass the Word: Develop writing and storytelling skills through participation tales, personal stories, games, activities and performances.  Can be taught as a one-hour class workshop or longer residency where students prepare stories for performance.

Other Options:  I can design assemblies, workshops, residencies, family arts/literacy nights and after school programs to fit your needs. Please contact me with questions or for further information.  I look forward to visiting your school.   Will Hornyak

Featured Artist: Will Hornyak