Professional Workshops and Keynotes

Whether gathering support from investors, asking colleagues to support a new strategy, marketing a product or training employees, the ability to communicate persuasively is an essential skill.

The art of storytelling is a valuable asset in the work of persuasion because:

  • effective stories and storytelling engage the imagination, intellect, emotions and senses of a listener and create a personal relationship between teller and listener.
  • stories create an experience with the audience rather than an explanation to the audience.
  • stories demonstrate our products, services, values and vision at work in the day-to-day world.
  • stories influence how people perceive and ultimately act toward ourselves and our organizations
  • stories change the nature of time itself and draw listeners into a shared creative process.
  • stories are remembered long after statistics and facts are forgotten.

   During these workshops Will shares stories, tools and skills to help participants develop engaging and powerful stories and to deliver them artfully and authentically. Participants learn the “blueprint” of story structure; tell brief stories from personal experience; analyze how and why stories work; and learn techniques and practices for developing a repertoire of stories.

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